Anita Sands when she was younger
SUCCESS IN LOVE WEBPAGE is where you will LEARN HOW TO BE LUCKY IN LOVE,pulsating heartWhere you will LEARN SECRETS that NO MOTHER or Auntie will ever TEACH you: the secret of getting POWER over a man, -- the one thing you don’t want, of course, but the one thing you need! There are 100 free classrooms here.

And in them You will learn many strange rules that seem alien and illogical to you. The reason why they are illogical and alien is because you’re a girl. YOUR REAL ESSENCE is not to have POWER over a man. You have more fun when he has power over you.

But who said we’re here to have fun? We are here at the SCHOOL OF LOVE to get MARRIED (as opposed to dated, jacked around and dumped). MARRIAGE is accomplished by NOT following your romantic impulsiveness, the semi-insane dictates of the appetites and bold passions.

UNION is accomplished by NOT throwing yourself into your sweetie’s arms like a hot, semi-raw hamburger patty throwing itself off the grill onto the waiting bun screaming ‘take me! HERE”S THE MUSTARD!’

MARRIAGE is accomplished with patience, wisdom and will power. Remember the way ULYSSES was able to listen to the SIRENS sing without throwing himself into the drink to die like all the other sailors? He did it BY tying himself to the ship’s mast. THAT MAST for you…IS THE MAGICAL RULE BOOK that YOU WILL LEARN HERE AT THE NEW SCHOOL FOR SUCCESS IN LOVE. “LOVE FOR DUMMIES!”

Just a sample rule: You must find SAFETY in NUMBERS. Yes! PLURAL MEN! You must force yourself to date many men without getting entangled with any single one of them. You must force yourself to go out with NERDS and goofballs and RICH OLD FARTS and snores and straights and respectful fools as well as the hotties --- and be perfectly content with all of them, treating them all the same, polite, warm way. It is thru being seen ‘out and about’ with many men and NOT ALWAYS being available for that man you dig so much that you DO NOT circulate and meet every eligible in your town and get the full selection.

It is precisely THAT clearheaded control that YOU feel when they all want you and you’re in the catbird seat, along with the dizzied, sweating COMPETITIVENESS – that uncertainty --which the man feels when you’re NOT free next Saturday night….that makes a man go nuts for you, desire you above all, PROPOSE MARRIAGE  and really VALUE and CHERISH YOU forever after.

REMEMBER! Confessing that you adore him makes HIM BELIEVE that he owns your butt. Think back to the poor, plantation slaves. His OWNING your butt is guaranteed to make him misuse you. GUARANTEED. You become ineffective the second you give your heart to him. SO if your heart is HIS, if it’s GIVEN --- keep that misfortune a secret, damnit! Be ENIGMA wrapped in MYSTERY -- enshrouded in MONA LISA SILENCE!

HERE AT “LUCK IN LOVE” FREE SEMINARS AND TRAINING you are going to learn HOW TO KISS a hundred FROGS not only to find out which one is really a prince ( Nobody needs to teach you how to fall madly in love with that prince. You’re good at that! ) But the trick is to stay so busy that your favorite prince does NOT know you’re mad for him. The second he knows it, ---that there is no FIELD, that he’s the MAIN HOT ITEM, he drives the car. He owns your butt. He’s had you even if he strictly hasn’t yet… and as soon as he lunches on your feathered, sweet chick body, he’s no longer all that interested. Cuz he got your soul then your body in two gulps! Who needs to go back to BURGER WORLD after you had that feast? The man certainly doesn’t need to BUY BURGER WORLD!

MEN ONLY LOVE A RECEDING TARGET which piques their appetite. The burger they can sniff, smell, the scent of all those pickles, that ripe tomato but they haven’t go anything in their pockets that will BUY that burger for them, so they HAVE TO  HONOR then BUY BURGER WORLD!

So date with bright eyes, a smile, be yourself but be distant. Unavailable. If they’re gentlemen, you’re always polite. If a guy goes nuts and gets pushy, this man is encroaching on your future, your children’s future, maybe in an impatient or manipulative way, that man would NOT be a candidate to be father to YOUR UNBORN KIDS. IN such a context, you have to ACT LIKE A ANIMAL REGULATION OFFICER with a LOOP leash and cage and PUT HIM away and DOWN.

This method is not for wimps. You have to STEEL YOURSELF to treat a handsome man the way you wouldn’t treat an alley cat. You have to be distant, tough, impartial, but always testing, testing the guy. Stay uncertain. The wisdom of UNCERTAINTY is what prods you to test. DO NOT RUSH TO BUY. You wouldn’t leap on a CAR that had payments as carelessly. You’d read CONSUMER REPORTS. MEN HAVE payments. YOU WILL PAY for years and so will your kids if you get the wrong guy.

So be whimsical and light. If he buttonholes you, say ‘Did I give that impression? Well if I did, I changed my mind.’ Girls don’t have to make their minds up. It’s an unwritten rule. We are feeling and tender, not rational. We are right brained. We get to change our minds or be uncertain. I don’t care if you’re a PHD impersonate a ditz!

We, after all, being GORGEOUS -- we are the PRIZE that all men are after. We set the rules. No man gets to make rules for us. BUT WE HAVE TO HAVE a great set of RULES ourselves and adhere to them when our corpuscles boil or we will be swept away by our own passions.

The rules help us KEEP OUR POWDER DRY.

Why do we make all this effort? Because we bring new life down to earth. 

                  BORN OF LOVE

Our babies only have a chance if the marriage is strong, the Dad is strong and smart. Wooing a hard-to-catch woman with charm and substance (not wiles) PROVES that he’s smart and persistent! A WINNER! GIVING yourself to him straight away proves NOTHING. You get the genetic losers that way. So that means we have to be strong. FEET firmly on the straight and narrow path will keep you from falling off into the tossing surf of ‘the love affair’.

If you’ve ever strayed off the safe path into PASSION LAND, you know that you end up addicted to the guy, on that MAN’s TROPHY SHELF in his closet as Miss “SURE THING.” He’s still cruising the boulevards of life while you’re waiting for HIM TO CALL YOU UP, waiting for him to TAKE YOU OUT, waiting by that telephone, utterly lovesick. 

THE SHELF GIRL will have him come when he pleases and leave when he pleases and date whomever ELSE he pleases, cuz you gave him control, babe. 

Then when your screws are coming outta your head, he will walk out on you as he’d had enough of your insanity…. Hey, You don’t want to go there again. Yet sensible women go there TIME AND TIME AGAIN!

THE LUCK IN LOVE site will be your l’il buddy system to keep you on the straight and narrow. TO keep you pointed toward the MOUNTAINS OF MATRIMONY. We will eventually have SISTERHOOD ads and CONVERSATION CHAT ROOMS and the whole nine yards. We will have groups in every city in AMERICA (Franchise is free) and you will run that group in your area by finding a shrink to talk at the podium and you will make a million a year doing it, help her sell her tapes, books and radio show. And you can use this website for free to announce your presence in that city.

WHY should this world have GROUPS that teach MATRIMONY? Cuz honey, what you’ve got is verrry limited in SHELF time. By AGE 25, you are OLD LUNCH MEAT. They don’t put half price on old lunch meat. IT CANNOT BE GIVEN AWAY. Only a few old roués and jades will fool around with tainted, old, unfresh meat. You don’t want one of those guys, sweetie.

Anita Sands teaches the RUTHLESS RULES OF BEING
                  LUCKY IN LOVESo you have to nail a permanent keeper while you’re young and sumptuous. A wise, successful, hard working, ASTUTE MAN. That means you have to digest the INTELLIGENCE AND REASONABILITY OF “THE RULES THAT WINNERS FOLLOW, fast and don’t argue with us older broads who are here behind the curtain running this SCHOOL OF LOVE. (Well, you can argue. Email me. I’m the head teacher, Anita Sands Hernandez, astrologer to the stars of Hollywood. astrology @ earthlink.net and I STUDIED with the teacher above in that U.R.L Through his wisdom and astringent logic, I WOKE UP to the mistakes women made, which I also made. Then I  helped thousands of women through the ILLOGICAL shoals of passion. (Shoals are what ships crash on). Pulling in all those crushed bodies taught me that the only safe place for a woman to walk is the STRAIGHT AND NARROW ROAD.

Walk there on that MAGIC, YELLOW BRICK ROAD and you will end up with a boyfriend who is willing to compete, take chances and fight all the other men off and who voluntarily turns himself into a husband who feels that you’re his little girl, his precious baby, a man who adores any squalling infant that you give him, spoils his toddlers, gives them a great self image as teens, teaches the boys to hunt and fish and scuba dive and be brave and get involved in life and saves to send them to college and puts a down on their first condo and takes you to Europe regularly and lets you shop ‘til you drop. A man who builds you a bigger house than the one before it, every twenty years. A man who buys you great jewels, never forgets anniversaries or birthdays and who makes a superb companion for your Autumn years. Who doesn’t cheat ever as he’s overjoyed that he nailed you cuz NAILING YOU WAS NOT EASY! THAT IS THE PAYOFF YOU WANT.

The payoff you don’t want is having ten boyfriends over two decades, sequential monogamies, getting older, wiser, wrinkled and fat, binging your way thru break-ups, having to do fix-up dates where the guy never calls back, then doing web-singles ads the rest of your life.

That lifestyle is a sad reality, in America in 2020 with no help from any quarter. I was an astrologer here in Hollywood, California back in the PLUSH years. Still, I saw that 99% of the Hollywood women are in that emotionally “frizzy” condition. So it’s time to rein in the pinwheel spinning madly and center yourself and slow down and pause and meditate on ‘what you do is what you are is what you get!”

If you play the LIFE GAME by the RUTHLESS RULES, ( a second RULEBOOK, different from one up above,) and study there, you win. If you don’t play the game by the rules now, while you’re young, a decade down the line you’ll be single, with fatherless children in tow, huge regrets, struggling to pay rent, sleeping on people’s couches. If you’ve already made all those mistakes, you can still be lucky. Perhaps you’ll care enough about teaching younger women not to make the very same, foolish mistakes that you’ll be running a LOVEAHOLICS ANONYMOUS group in a church basement using a local PSYCHOLOGIST to answer Questions anonymously dropped in basket. Or call it LUCK IN LOVE SEMINARS doing bi monthly meetings in your town, making a lot of money doing it, and doing dharmic work for the planet, and actually join ME right here in cyberspace teaching at YOUR OWN website. TAKE all the 120 classrom articles free, save to hard drive, DO A BLOG. Learn to RUN YOUR OWN WEBSITE. Take a few minutes to read a few of these Witty but Inspiring pieces like "HOW TO MARRY A BILLIONAIRE, SAVE THE WORLD WITH HIS MONEY." It's at the MAIN INDEX PAGE COMING HERE =====> Enter the Totally FREE “SUCCESS IN LOVE” SEMINARS by clicking--- HERE.